3 Things Aussies Are Doing To Create Outdoor Entertainment Areas

It’s no secret, us Aussies love to be in the great outdoors! It makes sense then, having an outdoor entertainment area is a priority for many home owners. In fact, one in two Australian homeowners use their outdoor space for entertaining, which is the highest percentage of the 13 countries surveyed in the 2017 Houzz landscaping study. However it’s not just about the ‘great outdoors’, many home owners are looking to maximise living space, cut down on outdoor maintenance time and bring a little wow factor to their own ‘castle’. So what are Aussie’s choosing to include, or not include when creating their outdoor entertainment areas…



1. Lose the Lawn

Many Aussie are reducing their lawn space or eliminating it altogether to save on maintenance or to maximize their living space by replacing it with an outdoor structure such as a patio, deck or gazebo. Often decks will run seamlessly from the house out into the yard creating a symmetry between the indoor and outdoor areas. Also very important to a lot of Aussies in the design of these structures is a place for the trusty BBQ!

2. Light it up

A very popular design feature that has emerged in recent years as it has become more affordable in outdoor entertainment areas with LED lighting, is to illuminate pathways, steps, decking, gardens, pergolas, and to highlight a home’s architectural features. Some Aussies have even chosen to go all out installing smart LED lighting that can be controlled from a mobile device. Talk about wow factor! Lighting can really enhance the outdoor atmosphere with the flick of a switch making it a popular design feature!

3. Make it your own

This is the variable that makes your outdoor entertainment area unique to you. Are you an avid gardener? Make space for plants! Love to sit around the campfire on trips to the bush? Make a firepit a feature of your entertainment area! Can’t get enough trips to the spa in one weekend? Pick a relaxing water feature and some comfortable outdoor furniture for your new deck. Also a lot of Aussies have been particularly earth  conscious in past years and many have chosen to install outdoor systems to accommodate composting. These are all things that will be unique to your lifestyle and will make living in your outdoor area an absolute pleasure!


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